Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter Weekend...

We have never done Easter Egg hunts for our kids but Grandma and Grandpa do! 

 Ready to get all the candy!
On your mark, get set...
 Looking everywhere
 And finding them EVERYWHERE!
 Just hard to have self-discipline
 Must try the candy now!
 His real first "taste" of Easter!
 And of course, baby's first Easter with her new Easter dress!
And now, 4 beauties in our household to dress up for the occasion!
(I did not even attempt to get the boys gathered for a picture BEFORE church!)
We had a beautiful Easter Sunday and hope you did as well!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Foto Friday

These pictures make me giggle and thought you might need a little laugh to get you through the weekend!

Yes, we do wear shirts in our house but this little guy prefers hats over clothes!

Just a cute little redneck from the midwest and proud of it! :)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

More S-W-E-E-T-N-E-S-S!!

Yes, she is pretty much all we talk about lately and so she is pretty much all I blog about right now!  What else can I say! :)

Here is a little update:

This sweet little angel has put us in quite a tailspin the past 2 weeks!
Today, she is 2 weeks old and we have had feeding issues, jaundice counts so high that she had to be admitted to the hospital, and had a loss of almost an entire pound!
Becasue of her being born early, we are hoping things will turn around by her official due date of April 25th!  But until then, we will continue to do what we have been doing with hopefully no more hospital stays in the near future (or entire future as far as I'm concerned!)

I think she is on the road to a more "normal" newborn!  She has started to wake for feedings, sometimes anyway!  Eating close to 2 1/2 oz per feeding and she has tipped the scales at 6lbs 12 oz!  (She was down to 6lbs 7 oz, losing 15 oz after birth!)

I can tell you whether you have had one or 12, the worry is still intense and the incredible love that is so intense it hurts, is there also!

We are TOTALLY in love with this sweet little girl and are loving every moment of having another baby girl in our home!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Birth Story

I always love reading about other people's experience with birthing a baby.  Well, not necessarily all the details, but it is fun for me to find out how other women have made it through.  So I thought I would share mine.

I went to the doctor last Thursday for my routine weekly checkup.  I did not feel very well.  Crampy and contracting but nothing that was out of the ordinary.  I sat down to get my blood pressure taken and a nurse said, "You are not your normal perky self.  Are you okay?"  I just commented that I did not feel real well and was hoping I was not getting the flu.  My husband and I then went in the room and waited for the doctor to come in.  I had a pretty decent contraction and leaned forward and my husband said, "Uh, Heather, look under you.  That does not look right."  I looked and saw a big wet spot.  I either had a loss of bladder control or my water had broke.  (I won't even tell you what my "humorous" husband said.  It involves sweating)  My husband went and got the nurse and she called the doctor in right away.  Yes, my husband had to share with them his opinion of what was on the table!  I was mortified to say the least!  The nurse thought it was hysterical to say the least!  She checked and it was amniotic fluid.  I was then wheeled to labor and delivery and began the rest of the process.

I was at 4 cm by the time I got there and contracting every 3 minutes.  With my other children my labor's are pretty quick once I get to 5 centimeters.  So I was thinking I had about 3-4 hours left.  HAH!  I have also had epidurals in the past but was wanting to do everything on my own this time.  It was now around 1:30 pm and the doctor said we needed to finish breaking my water because it was just leaking slowly and the risk for infection would increase if we did not get the baby out in adequate time.  Contractions continued.  Strong but bearable.  Then...they stopped!  I have never had that happen!  The one thing I did not want was pitocin!  They waited for about an hour to see if they would start up again and they did not.  So the doctor slowly administered the pitocin and the contractions started in again.  I stated at 6 cm for over 6 hours!  The rest was pretty much common labor!  Until...the nurse checked me at 11:30 pm and I was still at 6cm.  I was exhausted and sure I could not do it anymore!  (Yeah, like who else is going to do it!)  I then had 3 REALLY bad contractions and thinking I had 2 more hours of that left, I was a mess emotionally!  The third contraction did not stop!  I then began to realize, it was no longer a contraction but the baby trying to make it's way into the world fast with no nurse or doctor in the room!  I sent my husband to get somebody QUICK!  I then realized I was now in the room myself and the baby was coming!  I began to yell for help, (not really my normal self)  The nurse came in and pulled the sheet back and said, "OH MY!  Don't push!"  Oh Okay, I will be sure to do that!  IMPOSSIBLE!  The doctor showed up as the baby was crowning and 2 pushes and she was born at 11:40pm!  I DID IT!  Our sweet baby girl was here and although 4 weeks early, she was screaming and moving vigorously. 

Now, the rest of the story of the past week coming soon!  Just to let you know, 36 weekers can have some problems that can put a family on edge. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

She's here!

Our sweet baby girl has arrived!
4 weeks early!
She arrived March 31st at 11:41pm
Weighed in at 7lbs 6oz and 20inches long
She is healthy and LOVED!



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