Friday, January 20, 2012

Foto Friday~ A suggestion

With 8 brothers,
I suggest you don't cover your eyes when playing football!
Especially when you are the one with the ball in front of you!

This describes my week!
I have wanted to cover my eyes MANY times!

After being "tackled" many times,
 I finally decided to lay it ALLLLL down at HIS feet!!

He has been SOOOOO good!
  I even feel I can begin to peel my hands away from my eyes and take on whatever He has placed before me!

I am so glad He never expected me to carry the "ball"!

Also thankful that I don't NEED to cover my eyes!

He has it all in HIS hands!

In that, I have peace and I have learned to allow Him to be my refuge!

Won't you do the same?

There is NO better place to be!

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