Friday, June 28, 2013

What we have been up to....
  • getting used to my husbands new job hours
  • making schedule changes after 20 years of doing it the same way, a change is in order
  • enjoyed my oldest daughters graduation open house
  • playing outside
  • going to baseball games
  • watching my baby girl grow up WAYYYYY to fast!
  • having fun doing my own mobile SPA business
  • going to summer Campmeeting at church
  • preparing a women's spring gathering
  • preparing a "Thankful for men" dinner at church
  • growing up spiritually from being the parent of 2 official adults
  • realizing that a grown child's heart pain is the WORST pain a parent can ever feel
  • learning about the power of prayer more and more
  • learning to be content....again
  • learning to have more faith....again
  • sometimes knowing the days can seem long but the years go by sooooo fast
  • desiring another baby after the loss of 2 in a row
  • things I used to take for granted, are suddenly becoming so sacred
  • picnics
  • parks
  • endless walks with kids discovering Gods creations for the first time
  • being more creative with homeschooling with summer activities because I choose to do it all year round
  • free summer kids bowling....everyday!
  • endless baseball playing with boys and mom
  • learning that I actually CAN hit a ball but I still flinch and duck every time a ball comes towards me (yes... the boys laugh every time!)
  • enjoying friendships
  • loving my kids and husband in a deeper way than I ever thought possible because Christ has revealed Himself in wonderful new ways!
Just learning to be thankful for all things.....


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