Thursday, May 17, 2012


Sisters are the BEST! I lost my only sister in a
car accident when I was 16 so I never get to
experience the joy that sisters bring!
Yes, there are times when it's not so rosy but the
fun and togetherness FAR outweigh the struggles!
I have watched them grow from playmates to best friends.
They encourage each other and frustrate each other
They share each other's clothes and their hearts too
A life-long bond that will not fade with
but deepen
A true treasure to hear them talk about
 the things of Christ and listen to them as
 they help each other learn the ropes
 of growing up

I never had this, but I get to WATCH it right before
my eyes!
The giggles, jokes, and realizing life together side by
 side is truly pricesless!
What a gift from God sister's are!


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