Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday blessings

You are breath-taking!
Your beauty shows so intensely on the outside because of your beauty on the inside

I am HONORED to be your mom!
We have gone through some growing-pains and you have faced them head-on and have allowed God to use it for your good...
You are an amazing young lady!

Your heart is so open to the things of God
You are discovering that He has a plan for you and realizing that He is preparing you for your future one day at a time and that time is so important to dedicate it to Him now so His plan can unfold

I love how you see the best in others and can pull it out of them (even if they don't want it pulled out  at the time!)
Somehow a bad mood and attitude can be fixed by you!
A hug and a giggle later, all is better!

I love the way you are always planning ahead and oh how I LOVE your cleaning abilities!
(You and I could clean a hoarder's home in 5 minutes flat!) :)
It blesses me that you still come sit by me at the end of the day to lay your head on my lap or shoulder
(Don't stop!  We mom's need that sometimes!)
Your siblings look up to you and you have taught them so much!
I am so thankful they have you in their lives
I know you so well, you are a true joy!

Thank you for letting me into your heart!

You are a precious jewel in my eyes and God's!

Happy 15th Birthday my wonderful daughter!
You are a blessing!


Another Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday!

I love it when you...

Make us laugh
tell us how you love us
share your compassionate heart
take care of your little sister
open the door for your big sisters
talk about being a pastor
give all your money in the church offering
memorize verses
like to be with me
tell me how pretty I look
share with your brothers
give me hugs
ask innocent questions

call me mom!

I am blessed to have you as my son!
I love you!


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