Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What was I thinking!

I remember first starting out as a young mother and how everything was so new.  I had been a nanny for 2 years previously before becoming a mom some I had SOME experience under my belt but not quite the same as becoming a mother of my OWN children!  As I prepare for my 12th child, I find it kind of funny looking back at the things I thought I had to do, things I thought my little's ones had to have, and concerns I used to be obsessed with my first compared to this one.  I have changed the way I do many things and the way I think as time has gone on.  Here is a list:

  • My first one had his own room, rocking chair in his room, own shelf of books, own closet and dresser and a wipe warmer all before he was even born!  This baby~ her own corner of a shared room, no books to call her own yet, a shared dresser, the rocking chair is in the living room surrounded by other furniture belonging to the family, and wipe warmer...HAH!
  • With the first, I had every book possible to help me prepare for that sweet little bundle.  I had to know what I was doing when they layed him in my arms.  This baby~ I now realize that we will both survive and she will come with her own issues and we will deal with them when they arise!
  • The first baby had brand new clothes with tags on them hanging her his own closet and a drawer full of infant shoes.  This baby~ stained (clean) undershirts, tagless garage sale/consignment stores are the supplier and the realization that she will probably only wear some of her clothes once or twice before she outgrows them and shoes... not until she starts walking.
  • First child, grandparents were buying things left and right for us counting down the days until the due date because they could not contain their excitement of the soon to be first grandchild.  This baby~ not sure if they even know the due date! 
  • Our first child would NEVER miss a nap time or go to bed late. This baby~ naps come and go and missing one here or there will not cause anyone to die!  Bedtime, well, something I will always make sure we for the most part, stay on track!
  • My poor first child was given processesd food made by a certain baby food company because I knew no different!  This baby~ fresh, homemade food from scratch will be her diet!
  • We never left our first baby with anyone but grandparents!  This baby~ lots of older brothers and sisters to watch after her when needed.
  • The first baby got to sleep in TOTAL silence with nothing to bother him.  This baby~ should beable to sleep with a jackhammer right outside her window.
  • With my first, we did not go out of our apartment for the first week.  This baby~ I'm thinking a stop at the grocery store will be possible on the way home from the hospital.
  • We put the first baby through every test/vaccination possible that the hospital did after he was born.  This baby~ we know we decide what is best for her and it is up to us not them!
  • Our first I have every lock of hair, and wrote down every detail on a calender the first 3 years of his life.  This baby~ I will have a baby book, but who knows what will be in it!
  • I was a basket case with my first, always worrying about if what I was doing would damage him forever and just sure that he would be a mess because I was such a failure at everything!  This baby~ although I still will be praying ALOT, I know that despite all my failures, God is in charge of this little one, and He is her father also!
  • Our first child at 19 months, we thought was sooooo old!  We had him climbing up 3 flights of stairs to get to our apartment and would get frustrated with him when he did come as fast as he should have.  This baby~ we will use a gate at our stairs to make sure she does not hurt herself and will be still be considered somewhat of a baby at age 3!
  • One thing that WILL NEVER change from our 1st to our 12th, 13th, or 14th, is our love!  I antcipate this baby just as much as I did our first and can't wait to see her face just as I could not wait to see our first also!  The love of a mother is incredible and amazes me how God knew the intensity of love a mother would need in her heart to raise a child and how it is just there!  I am so thankful for that!
 I have 17 years of parenting behind me, and that blows me away!  It has never lost it's joy and excitement and I can't wait to start all over again when they lay this sweet baby in my arms!  No matter how silly I used to be!  I wonder what I will be saying 17 years from now when I am watching my children raising my grandkids!  Hmmmmm.......

I would love to hear of some things that have changed in your "parenting" as you have had more children!  Do share!



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