Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Keeping my word...

Okay, so yesterday I put up a picture of my BEAUTIFUL baby,
 (because I'm nice like that)...
... in hopes that you would come back for more pictures of
our wonderful day at the lake! 
SO because I am a woman of my word, here they are!  Just sit back and pretend you are there! 
I will warn you, don't relax to much because the heat index was 105! 
Think of a nice cool breeze and pretend your feet are dangeling in the water!  That should help keep you cool while you enjoy a day at the beach with us...

 Waiting anxiously (NOT) for the boat...
 The boat arrives
 The pitter patter of feet running to catch a ride
 looking for the "okay" from dad to go
 just plain sweetness enjoying her day in at the lake
 Keeping cool the ONLY way
 being boys!
 Dad watching
 looking for the boat to return

 Waiting for the boat to come back and pick up the tuber!
 Safely back!
 Just enjoying the ride with daddy!
 Doesn't he just make you smile!
 Big brother and little brother
 Getting sleepy!
 Getting ready for the ride!
 And they're off!
 A last dip in the lake...
 Oh what a day at the lake!
Now for some down time!


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