Friday, February 11, 2011

The first birthday of the year

Today, we celebrate the 1st of many birthday's in 2011
Our "Drubee" turns 3!


*loves to laugh*
*loves fruit*
*loves yogurt*
*has talked in full sentences since he was 18 months old*
*still talks ALL the time*
*potty trained in 3 days, day AND night!*
*loves to be outside*
*knows most of his ABC's*
*plays with Thomas the Train*
*loves to watch Mickey Mouse*
*enjoys playing with play-dough*
*does not really like to pick it up (neither does mom!)*
*helps his big sister in the kitchen*
*sings The B-I-B-L-E over and over and over...*
*likes to pray at meal time*
*has a fit if his taco meat falls out of the shell*
*is very neat and likes order*
*likes to get HIS way*
*tries to dominate his little brother in VERY creative ways!*
*is NOT intimidated by his 7 older brothers*
*only weighs 24 lbs*
*is called the runt of our litter*
*LOVES his oldest brother*
*still takes 3 hour naps*
*goes to bed at 7 and sleeps until 7*
*LOVES his duckie blankie*
*is a mommy's boy*
*is photogenic*
*has to "see" his baby sister everyday (asks to touch my belly)*
*has us all wrapped around his little finger!*

***We love you sweet sunshine!***


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