Friday, December 2, 2011

Week in review...

This week seemed to last forever!
Full of appointments (expected and unexpected)
Broken teeth (they WILL now wear mouth guards when playing football with their brothers)
cut open lip (at a doctor's appointment when that happened!)
chicken pox
broken car belt
dishwasher motor...fried
music lessons
music rehearsals for Christmas
eating some "humble pie"
preparation for speaking at a women's gathering
talking with teenagers about life decisions
scheduling my December that is WAY to full
meal preparations
trying to decide if I am going to put up Christmas decorations this year
listening to the moans and groans when I told the kids of that idea
guess I will be doing that this weekend
cluttered mind
knowing I need to give my cares to the One who cares for me
Trying to figure out why that is so hard sometimes
realizing it's because I have let "life" get in the way of my time with Him
Can't go there!
Been there before!
NOT pretty!
Maybe next week won't feel so long!
Oh yes, there will be "life"
but if I stay focused on Him,
not my daily surroundings...
(that seriously make my head spin at times!)
even if my week IS long,
I won't even notice!
I will be doing it all for Him!
I kinda' forgot that part this week!
Have you ever done that?


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