Tuesday, March 29, 2011

just to let you know...

I have been following a blog written by a lady that had a baby due March 16th!  I check everyday to see if there is any news.  Well, so far nothing but she has at least posted so I know what is happening!  To you, my blog friends, I have not done the same!  So I thought I would let you know what has been going on.

My blood sugar levels have been GREAT!  I am only taking the slow acting insulin and my levels have stayed right where they should be.  I had an ultra-sound last Thursday, and the baby measured about 6lbs 4oz.  Smaller than most of mine at 36 weeks!  I had a baby at 36 weeks and he weighed over 8lbs!  So size, which is something they were worried about, seems to be in check also!  I have been contracting off and on for days and dilated to 1cm with the baby at -1 station.  That is good news!  I could go any day the doctor said and she would be fine with that.  If I do not go before the 18th of April, she wants to induce me.  Not sure if that is what I will do yet, but I am asking for God's hand in this so I will not have to make that decision.  REALLY praying that she will be born before that IF she is ready.  My anxiousness is gone and I feel at peace with all that has happened and I am thankful He has had his visible hand in this little one's life!  The only regret I have, is not resting in Him more from the very beginning.  However, that is when we realize our true need for Him.  Sometimes it takes pure desperateness before a total surrender comes.  Well, I was desperate!  The doctors gave me their opinions and I realized I was listening more to them then to the one who created me and this sweet baby!  I have had non-stress tests every week and they have been showing that she is doing great also.  So now, I wait!  Something I am terrible at!  And it makes it worse when you have other kids that are so excited and ready to see their baby sister! :)  I am ready NOW, but again, I need to remember, God knows when she should come so until then... I will endure the hip pain, achy back, hourly trips to the bathroom, sleepless hours, and my impatience.  It WILL all be worth it!  This much I know! 

Until she comes, I am signing off and rest assured, I will be back with all the details!  Maybe more than you care to know!  ;)


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