Monday, October 29, 2012

Does Jesus play 'Words with Friends'?

I got hooked!  It happened quickly and am thankful it was a short lived addiction!  I began playing the game on the internet, "Words With Friends".  I thought I was pretty intelligent until about after 2 turns!  I decided either I was not as smart as I thought I was or I had just gotten really dumb from lack of exposure to anything involved with academics about 6th grade! 
Anyway, I was playing one night and my letters came up...

(For those of you who don't play, they are the letters at the very bottom and they randomly are sent to you)
It was close to the final round.  I looked down and saw it right in front of me!  I giggled and was just so amazed at what I saw!  I finished my game and began to retrospect.  (I do that alot!)  I don't believe in coincedence!  I wondered if God was having fun or if He was trying to show me something by something SO obvious!  I decided He was having fun with me and it blessed my heart!  I also, without guilt, decided that I could have been doing something better with my time than playing a game on the internet!  I realized that although it is fun, the few quiet times I have, I could be spending it MUCH more wisely!  If I can find time to sit and play on the computer, I can find time to catch some moments with Jesus!  So I gave it up...I no longer play games on the internet anymore.  It was shortlived...I really did not enjoy it much but it did become something I kept going to. A time stealer!  So many things in this life can become that!   The enemy wants to rob us of our time with God because those are the times we draw strength and get equipped to live in this fallen world!  If I even sit for 3 minutes 10 times a day in the word, that is 30 minutes of my time that can be used in such a mighty way!  (I find it very easy to do that on the internet without a second thought!)
Yes, God had fun with me that day playing "Words With Friends" but He also in His sweet, loving spirit, convicted me of how I spend the time He has given me!  Do I use it for Him or do I waste it away?  I am once again remided, that even just a moment at His feet satisfies my soul better than anything this world has to offer me!  Then I am ready to face the world!  So thankful for His parenting skills! :)


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