Monday, January 7, 2013


It has been 2 whole months!  Time has slipped by and SO many things have happened in my life!  Life changing and monumental in some ways! 

~ I was for the first time, on the other side of delivering a baby! I am now looking into becoming a certified doula!  I will just say I was SO in my element! 
~ Thanksgiving came and went and we had a beautiful day with family
~ I had the opportunity to help a VERY needy neighbor in a great time of need (more to come about that!)
~ Started a new business with Spa Products!  They are AMAZING! :) Go to go here to see for yourself and PLEASE let me know if you are interested! The products are all botanically based and literally change your skin from the first day of use!
~ I have watched my oldest son make life-changing decisions
~ I have met the soon to be newest member of our family (no I am not pregnant yet, unfortunately!)
~ My son became engaged on December 13th so we have a new daughter to welcome into our family!
~ We have stayed away from all the illnesses going around
~ I have watched my daughter play AND sing in her first guitar recital
~My son and his fiance played Mary and Joseph and the baby whom I witnessed his birth, played baby Jesus in our church Christmas presentation
~ We had a wonderful Christmas with much less material things than previous years but also had much soul searching and had the ability to teach our children many things through it
~ Hubby still no permanent job but he did have a few interviews with all of them sending rejection letters :/ Many lessons learned through those times!
~ Realizing continually day in and day out, that Jesus MUST be source for EVERYTHING!
~ I have had a HUGE prayer answered after many years that God would send me a friend who I could be with, in my area. I have a dear lady that has taken up a place in my heart and we have such kindred spirits!  So Blessed to have her in my life! We have grown towards God because of each other!

I am so thankful for all the provision God has given us in 2012!  I remember wondering where I would be last year at this time in 2013.  We were getting ready to move, I had just had a miscarriage and my life was spinning out of control right in front of me!  (So I thought...)

We have come full circle and I now see much more clearer of the things God was desiring for us to learn:

 -This life is NOT about "stuff" and what this world has to offer
- The enemy would like to help us focus on those things and what we can get for ourselves
- It is SO tempting and easy to get caught up in what we DON'T have
- God's ways are not our ways
- But when we focus on Him and rest in HIS plan, our desires do begin to fall in line with His
- His concern is people and their eternity
- That is what our focus should be!
- We don't have to go outside of our country to be missionaries!
- We are called to be missionaries day in and day out in our homes and our little "world" around us

I will tell you I have by NO means "arrived" yet, but I am so thankful for the grace God gives and the road He has lead us down to see His heart.  I pray I will continually look at His heart and focus on HIS ways not follow my selfish desires.  I hope to live this life for Him so when I meet Him face to face He will say to me, "Well done my good and faithful servant!" I wonder what this year is going to hold!  I do not know, but I take rest in knowing He knows and I will follow wherever He leads!



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