Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An update~

Our lives in the past 4 months has changed dramatically.  Some things I have shared and others I have not.  I can tell you that I have a peace and really no anxiety about anything!  Which, if you know me or have read my blog for very long, you know how miraculous that is!  God has taught me to live one day at a time and even one MOMENT at a time!  So with that being said, I thought I would give you a little update on what is and has been happening in our life.

Last October, when my husband came home to tell me he had lost his job, I felt like a Mack truck had hit me!  We had been through it before but it is still a shock!  I think I cried off and on for days.  My hubby, for the most part was fine with the exception of feeling like a failure and that he had let us down.  So most of my crying was behind closed doors so I did not bring him down.  He worked very hard at finding another job.  Went to people he knew and called around asking if anyone could use him.  We finally came to the point where we realized it was in God's hands, not ours!  Not to say we laid down and quit, just had to use a different approach.  At the beginning of December, he even found a job, we thought.  After a short time, he realized it was not something he would do for a long period of time and the pay could not sustain our large and growing family!  He went to the person who hired him and was very honest with him and told him that if he thought it a waste of his time to train my husband for only a short period of time only to find another job and move on, he would understand but would continue to work there as long as he needed him.  They decided mutually it was best for both parties to move on.  So, we are sitting here towards the end of February with still not job.  He has had two interviews with one company and we are supposed to hear from them later this week.  That job would mean a move is in our near future!  SCARY for all of us!  The last time we moved, my children were all so young and really their lives did not change much.  This would be a TOTALLY different story!  My oldest has jobs, my other children have lots of involvement with music around our area and friends would be sooooo missed!  But God will direct our path!  He will share with us in His timing, His desire.  Our ears, spirits and hearts are open to listen!  We have realized as time goes on, the trials we go through are only meant to make us stronger!  The time we have had together has been an adjustment!  There is NOBODY on this earth I would rather be with than my husband but finding a way to adapt to our new normal has been interesting at times!  We are waiting together and love having time to share our children in work and in play!  I had felt guilty for a time, that I was enjoying our time together!  I have since learned that I should appreciate this time and enjoy it!  It is only for a season and I need to savor it.  

On to my pregnancy.  I have always had textbook case pregnancy's.  No problems, complications or anything unexpected.  Well, not this time!  Everything was smooth sailing until I hit 29 weeks.  I found out last Friday, I have Gestational Diabetes.  I know it is not uncommon, but for me it is and it has thrown me for a loop!  We have read everything you can possible read on it and the main concern is a big baby.  Which I have anyway!  So, in order to keep my blood sugar levels down, I will be on insulin injections, non-stress tests weekly, doctor appointments weekly, and ultrasounds every other week.  Understand, I am one who thinks to much medical intervention is not good so my mind cannot quite wrap itself around this whole concept.  WAY to much medical intervention in my opinion.  However, I do know God gave us doctors to help us and it is not always a bad things to follow their advice.  Just as I said yesterday on my blog, I need God to be so close to me, that I will know what His plan is.  I will take one day at a time and do what He tells me to do. 

We have had a winter full minor illnesses.  It has been a REALLY long winter.  We have taken lots of Vitamin D and drinking orange juice to try to keep ahead of things but when you have 13 people living and breathing each other in close quarters, illnesses are bound to happen.  I am just thankful for strong immune systems!  We did have a bout of beautiful unseasonably warm weather last week and that was wonderful!  It got us out and running free for a few days!  Maybe we got it all out of our systems before baby!  That would be nice!

  • No job as of yet, but we are waiting on God for His timing
  • Possibly a move is on our horizon
  • baby is growing and moving great but causing quite a stir before she comes, lots of decisions to be made!
  • We are so thankful for God's provision and continue to allow Him to be our daily source for all of your needs
Thank you for your prayers and please continue!  They are working!

More updates coming as they occur!



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