Thursday, March 17, 2011

Because he choose to...

Years ago, when it was just my mom and me,
she said she would never get married again unless she could find somebody that would love me as much as or MORE than her.

Thinking that would probably never happen,
she did all she could to provide for me and give me a wonderful home.  It was just her and me.

This WONDERFUL man came into her life.
He was the one who did exactly what she said!
Even though he was not my father from birth,
he became my DADDY by his choosing!
And what a daddy he has been!
I have always felt like his very own.
He has always treated me as his own.
He has given me a gift that few experience!
The joy of a daddy loving them not because they had to,
but because he WANTED to!
(Kind of reminds me of my heavenly Father!)
Now if that does not make a girl's heart leap for joy,
I don't know what would!
And this girl's heart is still leaping!

Daddy, today I thank you for loving me unconditionally
supporting me,
advising me,
loving my children,
raising me as your very own,
loving me and,
teaching me about Jesus!

my dear, sweet Daddy!

What a true blessing to be your daughter!

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