Sunday, September 9, 2012

How do you know....

I have been taking note lately just how amazingly awestruck I am with my life with MANY boys!  Day after day, I find myself shaking my head in disbelief at the things I hear, say and do with all the "activity" from testosterone floating, jumping, and hitting me in the face!  (Pun intended!) 

I really have discovered that I must learn to laugh at it all because if I did not, I might go find a hole and just lay there for a few years in panic!

How do you know when you have many boys in your home?
Here are some clues:
  • there are baggies of bullet casings all over your home, car, and possibly your bed
  • you find yourself on the phone with the plumber asking him what will happen when a stick of butter is lodged in your toilet and if it's ok to flush
  • all broken electronics end up being taken apart and then pounded with a hammer after all the screws and pieces are dissected
  • you look out your front door and someone is flinging an earthworm around like a lasso because it stretches when you do that...and then you might be asked if that is funny
  • you hear giggling from the shower and RUN to get there knowing something is not right if something is THAT funny and then find out they have discovered that if toilet paper is wet and you throw it, it will stick to the ceiling, walls, and!
  • a closet shelf becomes a new climbing adventure and the contents of the shelf remain on the floor
  •  you have a variety of boys underwear to pick from and no longer know which ones are truly yours and you really don't care if they are yours or your brothers you are just thankful there are clean ones to put on
  • actually, you really don't care much about the clean part either
  • your brother will be first to speak up on all your your failures and mistakes but you can't remember a thing that you did wrong!
  • food is used to eat but also LOTS of fun to throw!
  • when you break any 10 of your fingers, mom no longer takes you to the doctor...she just buddy tapes it and tells you to go run and play
  • the oldest brother was potty-trained at the age of 2, your youngest one is 3 and mom is just not worried how and when it will happen
  • when you are the baby sister, all you have to do is stand and scream and everyone either runs from you or runs TO you depending on the situation
  • you find yourself ducking and flinching because there are things flying through the air many times a day
  • you begin to think NFL players are part of the family because their names are brought up as much as cousins are
  • neighbors look in your yard and just assume that any extra boys in the yard are yours too
  • you find yourself wondering why you even have a toilet in your home...they never use it and if they do...their aim is so bad that you have to clean the floor  multiple times a day
  • you start wishing they would just go outside and go relieve themselves because it would save on cleaner
  • by the end of the day, mom has an entire dandelion bouquet on the kitchen window sill
  • mom walks into church after all the boys with the fire alarm going off and while everyone is frantically running around trying to figure out what has happened, mom begins to quickly put the pieces together that one of her innocent little ones has set it off and must admit and apologize to one of the elders!
  • The next week, 2 of the boys are standing at the alarm with their hands on it looking at you with a smile on their faces pretending they are going to pull run towards them lunging in fear and they run
  • you spend MANY more hours than you normally would on your knees knowing it is the only way you can survive the next day!
I would not trade my life for ANYTHING and although my many boys have increased my grey hairs immensely, it is worth it all!  The other day we were at our local bowling alley and I could not figure out why 4 of the boys were digging in their pockets and intently staring at a certain game.  Eventually the 10 year old came running over to inform me that they put their quarters together to try and win mom a necklace!  My heart skipped a beat knowing they wanted to use their hard earned (or stolen money from their sister's billfolds), to get mom a gift!  I smiled and told all of them thank you but please next time, save their money and make me a card!  It blessed my heart and I realized that someday, this will all be a memory and I will look back and laugh and then cry because I will miss it!

Boys are somethin' and they do keep me on my knees but I think that is where God wants me anyway and what a joy to be given such a gift as He has given me in my boys to get me to that place of surrender! 

I'm so thankful for my boys!  (And my girls too!) 



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