Friday, July 29, 2011

Journey to Africa~part 2

The next part of the journey went something like this:

God so much wanted my children to have this experience that He did not even wait for ME to pray for my heart to change, He just let me know that I NEEDED to trust Him!  Maybe because He knew that would even be hard to do at that point!  :)  WOW!  He does know me better than I know myself!

 Now, on to talking to dad!  My daughter presented the possible opportunity of going to Africa to him without knowing much detail.  He said we would discuss it and pray and if it was God, it would work out.  After weeks of my husband praying and us talking about it and him knowing I had given it to God and that I totally surrendered the decision to God and him, he said he really could not let her go alone.  So we decided to tell her probably another time when she was older or when she could go with somebody else.  She handled it very well and I told her that if God wanted her to go, He would find a way and if not this year, He would give her the opportunity sometime!

About 2 days passed and without talking to our oldest son about anything except the possibility of his sister going to Africa, he came to us one evening and said if it be possible, he would like to maybe go with her if we thought that would work. (Remember, we NEVER mentioned to him dad's decision to not let her go because he did not want her to go alone!)

 My husband and I were very excited!  I began to see the possibility that NOW she could go and it could potentially change his decision for her not to go because of our oldest son desiring to go!  My husband continued to pray and we talked some more with the kids.  The decision was made that if they could raise the money, they could go!  Amazing how God works!  My daughter never gave in and kept praying that if it be possible, God would make a way!  She NEVER imagined He would work in her brother's heart to go!  (We never even considered that idea either!) 

*A side note I would like to add is that when my oldest son was 6 years old, after he asked Jesus into his heart, he came to me one afternoon and told me he had a dream.  In his dream, he was delivering bibles in a semi-truck to Africa and handing them out to the African people!

 I can honestly say, that I never DOUBTED he would go there someday, but I DID NOT think it would happen this way!  God also called my daughter to the mission field when she was a small child.  She has always had a heart for missions and has known God was calling her to the mission field for years!  In preparation for that, she taught herself a second language just in case!  I always knew and have prayed that God would give me the ability to let her go when it was necessary.  (I did not know it would be asked of me so soon!)  But He has been so wonderful at providing me with His peace that passes ALL understanding!  To me THAT was this biggest hurdle!  If you know me at all, I tend to worry just a TAD (Okay, BIG tad!) to much!  God reminded me one day when I was seeing all of this come to be, I started to worry and think of things that might happen.  God gently spoke to my heart this, "Remember, they are not YOUR children anyway!  I have just given them to you to raise!  They are mine!  I will take care of them!"  (Oh yeah!  I had forgotten that part!)

In the past 7 weeks, God has done the impossible in some people's eyes, and has helped our children raise over $6000!  His plan is perfect!  With God ALL things are possible!  Even giving a mother of 12, the peace that she needs to send her oldest 2 children a world away to share with others, the gospel of Jesus Christ!  

Onto the rest of the 'Journey to Africa' in Part 3!  Stay tuned!


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