Sunday, May 27, 2012

Is this normal?

This week was FULL of unexpected things!  I am really ready to have things calm down quite a bit!  I know life with many children will always have times that bring chaos but this week was almost more than I could handle.  As I sit back now, I realize I have survived and am actually better for it!  I learned to lean more on my Heavenly Father and learned the hard way that I CANNOT do it alone!  How crazy of me to think I even could attempt to stay sane without leaning on Him!  Nobody lost their life and we are all in one piece so it is nothing earth shattering but lots of little things can add up and wear a person down!

  • rock going through a door window
  • had to buy a new door
  • child with a growth on his finger lead us to 3 doctor appts in 2 days
  • 4 year old cut his eye which lead to an ER visit
  • washing machine broke AGAIN!
  • can't get it fixed until This Wednesday!
  • landromat trips (for us, that is an ordeal!)
  • refridgerator that is only 2 years old, thawed out all of our food and quit working
  • while husband is unemployed, that food is NOT easy to replace!
  • car window shot out by a bb gun
  • that window will have to be covered with something besides real glass for now!
I know, in retrospect it really is not that bad but while walking through it, you just wonder what is coming next!  For today, things are calm (well kind-of) and I am ready for a week of "normalness", whatever that means!  Hoping this past week will not be a new "normal" for us!  I sat down Saturday evening with my head still spinning and I watched 3 sermons from various pastor's.  Everyone of them spoke something into my spirit that God intended for me to hear.  What a joy to know that as I sat there, God had something just for me!  I was on His heart during all the circumstances in my week!  He never lost sight of me even when I lost sight of Him!

It always seems when it rains it pours!  Sometimes I think it is a wakeup call from God, that I am attempting something I am not capable of!  A way to get through the day without constantly calling on Him!  He tells me that when I am weary, He will give me rest!  I have been weary, I have called on Him and I am learning that He has giving me rest and it is such a better place to be! 

What will this week hold?  I have NO idea!  However, I do know who holds my week in HIS hand!  That is all I need to know! 


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