Monday, June 25, 2012

Prayer walk

This group covered our city in prayer on Saturday

We walked over 3 miles!
Some prayed out loud and some just walked quietly in sweet communion with their Savior

Prayer changes things!  We are asking for the oppression to leaveand the lost to be saved!  We believe it WILL happen!  Where two or more are gathered, He promises to be in the midst of them!

ALL ages contributed!  My bookend daughters made it to the end

My little guy made it the ENTIRE way walking with those sweet little legs!  He helped me sing "This Little Light of Mine", "Jesus Loves Me", and MANY more!

It was an amazing time of togetherness!  My heart was touched! I can't wait to see what God does during our annual Campmeeting Revival this week!  We are expecting AMAZING things and lives
to be changed FOREVER!

Have a GREAT week!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday's are not a big deal you say?

A couple weeks ago, my oldest daughter turned 17. 
The week before she had stated to me that birthday's were not a big deal so I took that as my cue to make it a big deal! 

I called a couple of people and they helped me out.
 They came early on her birthday morning and surprised her by waking her up. 
We snuck upstairs, (well as quietly as you can with 7 brothers, 6 girls, 1 dad and 1 mom!)  yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sprayed silly string and placed an air horn in her ear. 
(I will not post pictures of that ordeal because she might not like pictures of her in her jammies)

I did want to share a little bit of the beauty of friends and memories!  

She was SO surprised and I doubt she will say birthday's are not a big deal anymore!  

Out to lunch at Pizza Ranch

Friends in Christ are friends forever!

We ALL enjoyed your special day and you are special to us!!
We love you!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is my life!

Boys will be boys! 
I told the boys the other day that they could play in the sprinkler, soooooo I look out and the pond that we are GOING to fill in was being used as this....
My first reaction was GET OUT!!!!
I turned around and thought,
"Why not?  This is what being a kid is all about!  Let them do it!"
(I talk to myself often!)
So I did!

And I don't regret it!
(Well, the clean up of the clogged drain and disgusting bathtub AFTER they hosed off outside FIRST, did put a small damper on my "fun" decision!)

They won't remember the filthy tub or the plunging
This is what they will remember!

I'm learning to let go and let boys be boys!
(But once in the mud pond was enough!)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Full of...

Our summers are always full of activity!  Come to think of it, my LIFE is full of activity during every season!  But these are some things we plan on doing in the coming weeks:
  • reading books for fun not to include reports!
  • making meals for others with hectic lives
  • playing outside for countless hours
  • MANY baths daily!  (yes with 7 boys under 11, they require many daily!)
  • annual church campmeeting  (our evangelist is Chris Owensby...Check out his websight here)
  • joining in a prayer walk around our city to release the power of the Holy Spirit in our town
  • swimming at Grandma's
  • bible school
  • having a neighborhood bible school in our yard
  • playing at our local YMCA
  • birthdays...always birthdays!
  • playing at the park
  • having a garage sale
  • bonfires with hotdogs and s'mores
  • continually, hopefully reaching our neighborhood for Christ!
God has placed us in a neighborhood that is so lost!  We have had the chance to minister through pray, giving our time and sometimes just a smile!  It has been amazing!!!  I wondered many times when we moved here, what God was up to!  I now realize even more, how desperate people are to hear and feel the love of Christ!  It is so exciting and humbling to be used to introduce Jesus to the lost!  My children are changed forever!  It has taught us not to judge other's because of how they dress, how much money they have or even attitudes they may have!  Everyone has a past and needs love and acceptence!  We have stepped out in faith and it has not been easy but God has shown us how people need His love!  He wants us to be His hands and feet! 

Will you help us spread the love of Christ where you live?  The world is dying spiritually and everyday that passes, is one day less that we have! 

Summer is filled with exciting things but the only thing that will last forever is a heart changed for eternity!  Give your summer to God and ask Him to lead you to the lost and watch what happens!

Please pray for us as we minister to our neighborhood!  God is doing amazing things!  We are so thankful for the opportunity we have been given!   


Friday, June 15, 2012

The white flag of surrender

Motherhood has not been easy lately!
(In fact, this picture was taken right in the middle of all the chaos!)

I have gone through some "issues" that have brought me to my knees A LOT!

It seems the questions have no anwers and there are SO many of them!
My reactions have been quick and my tongue has not been bitten much!
(I am realizing it would be better to feel the physical pain of that than dealing with the regret of harsh answers!)

I have had these times before but this time it has had a twist I can't explain
I feel like I should beable to hold everything together
Now realizing I just can't!

The other day,
I had it!
  I looked at my boys and said,
"You win! I wave my white flag!  I surrender!  I have nothing left!" 
They looked at me in confusion and a blank look but continued on as if nothing happened!
 HA! Surprise, surprise!

Suddenly, I heard that sweet voice from my heavenly Father,
"Why don't you surrender that white flag to ME!  You were not meant to carry it anyway!"

Oh yeah!  I forgot that! 
 I began to see I was searching the file cabinet of MY wisdom looking for the anwers! 
He was reminding me that it just does not work that way! 
HE is the way, the truth and the life! 
That is why I was at the end so to speak!
I was thinking of MY way, MY truth and it was sucking the life right out of me!

So I gave Him the flag, got on my knees and let Him do the rest!

Are there still questions?  Yep!
However, I have found rest...
A place where I can be still and know that He is God!

Someday, my 2nd greatest desire is that my children rise up and call me blessed!
(That is not from a motive of selfishness but born out of desire to know that my children must see Christ in me!)
The first desire is that they are sold out for Christ daily and will enter the pearly gates!  But I do think they coincide!

It is not possible if I am doing it on my own but God's grace and love, will carry me through these years of MANY messes, attitudes, ungratefulness, meals, running errands, and repeated training times that I wonder if anything is really getting through!

As a mother, there is so much enduring! 
But I can choose to look at it as drudgery OR look at it as an honor that I have been called to be Jesus hands and feet at this time in their lives. 
To help form their hearts in love and mold their hearts to seek and search for Christ!

How is that done? 
Not sure totally!

I do know, that giving up that white flag of surrender to Him, I am guaranteed He has the answer!

Do you need to wave your flag or are you carrying it all yourself?
Let it go!  He will amaze you!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday blessings

You are breath-taking!
Your beauty shows so intensely on the outside because of your beauty on the inside

I am HONORED to be your mom!
We have gone through some growing-pains and you have faced them head-on and have allowed God to use it for your good...
You are an amazing young lady!

Your heart is so open to the things of God
You are discovering that He has a plan for you and realizing that He is preparing you for your future one day at a time and that time is so important to dedicate it to Him now so His plan can unfold

I love how you see the best in others and can pull it out of them (even if they don't want it pulled out  at the time!)
Somehow a bad mood and attitude can be fixed by you!
A hug and a giggle later, all is better!

I love the way you are always planning ahead and oh how I LOVE your cleaning abilities!
(You and I could clean a hoarder's home in 5 minutes flat!) :)
It blesses me that you still come sit by me at the end of the day to lay your head on my lap or shoulder
(Don't stop!  We mom's need that sometimes!)
Your siblings look up to you and you have taught them so much!
I am so thankful they have you in their lives
I know you so well, you are a true joy!

Thank you for letting me into your heart!

You are a precious jewel in my eyes and God's!

Happy 15th Birthday my wonderful daughter!
You are a blessing!


Another Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday!

I love it when you...

Make us laugh
tell us how you love us
share your compassionate heart
take care of your little sister
open the door for your big sisters
talk about being a pastor
give all your money in the church offering
memorize verses
like to be with me
tell me how pretty I look
share with your brothers
give me hugs
ask innocent questions

call me mom!

I am blessed to have you as my son!
I love you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To our Sugar-dia

Where has time gone?
I remember putting you down for nap and you would sing "Jesus Loves Me" until you fell asleep
Then wake up singing "This Little Light of Mine" until I would come to get you telling you it was time to get up
Now, you let your light shine to little African children this past year
while telling them Jesus loves THEM
You told me when you were 5 years old that God told you in a dream that you were going to be a missionary...
That same week, you told me God told you I was going to have a baby boy
I found out 2 weeks later I was pregnant
8 months later, your little brother was born!

God has done AMAZING things in your life and you never want any attention drawn to yourself and the things you do In Jesus name

I am sooo proud of you and I am your mom, so I will let everyone know how AMAZING you are!

You give without expecting anything in return
You have no desires for things of this world
You understand that all things on this earth are temporary
You allow God to mold you and you trust Him with your life
(Even to travel across the world at 16!)

You are waiting on God and allowing Him to show you HIS plan!
He has great plans for you!
Plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future!

I know you will continue to follow Him wherever He leads and you have my word that I will continue to trust Him also as I watch His plan for your life unfold!
(Yes, even if that means sending you away again, to another country to show other's His love!)

You have shown and taught me so much and I appreciate the way you look at life!
What a blessing you are to me my sweet girl!

We love you and your family wants to tell you...


And your dad personally wants to tell you...
Happy Birthday Fruitcake! :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Foto Friday~ Welcoming summer

Brother's take time to smile for the camera

Little sister doesn't just sit watching anymore!

 God's beauty and "beauties"

Experiencing the new found freedom of walking in the great outdoors...
A world to explore!

The beauty is all around us!

Yep, he is as mischievous as this picture portrays!
Good food and cousins!
Can't wait to see what our summer memories will be this year!


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