Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To our Sugar-dia

Where has time gone?
I remember putting you down for nap and you would sing "Jesus Loves Me" until you fell asleep
Then wake up singing "This Little Light of Mine" until I would come to get you telling you it was time to get up
Now, you let your light shine to little African children this past year
while telling them Jesus loves THEM
You told me when you were 5 years old that God told you in a dream that you were going to be a missionary...
That same week, you told me God told you I was going to have a baby boy
I found out 2 weeks later I was pregnant
8 months later, your little brother was born!

God has done AMAZING things in your life and you never want any attention drawn to yourself and the things you do In Jesus name

I am sooo proud of you and I am your mom, so I will let everyone know how AMAZING you are!

You give without expecting anything in return
You have no desires for things of this world
You understand that all things on this earth are temporary
You allow God to mold you and you trust Him with your life
(Even to travel across the world at 16!)

You are waiting on God and allowing Him to show you HIS plan!
He has great plans for you!
Plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future!

I know you will continue to follow Him wherever He leads and you have my word that I will continue to trust Him also as I watch His plan for your life unfold!
(Yes, even if that means sending you away again, to another country to show other's His love!)

You have shown and taught me so much and I appreciate the way you look at life!
What a blessing you are to me my sweet girl!

We love you and your family wants to tell you...


And your dad personally wants to tell you...
Happy Birthday Fruitcake! :)

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