Thursday, May 26, 2011

Down but not destroyed...

Another job rejection for my husband came today.  This was my devotion for the day that reminded me of where I need to be with my Savior!

"Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:17
We think rightly or wrongly about prayer according to the conception we have in our minds of prayer. If we think of prayer as the breath in our lungs and the blood from our hearts, we think rightly. The blood flows ceaselessly, and breathing continues ceaselessly; we are not conscious of it, but it is always going on. We are not always conscious of Jesus keeping us in perfect joint with God, but if we are obeying Him, He always is. Prayer is not an exercise, it is the life. Beware of anything that stops ejaculatory prayer. "Pray without ceasing," keep the childlike habit of ejaculatory prayer in your heart to God all the time.
Jesus never mentioned unanswered prayer, He had the boundless certainty that prayer is always answered. Have we by the Spirit the unspeakable certainty that Jesus had about prayer, or do we think of the times when God does not seem to have answered prayer? "Every one that asketh receiveth." We say - "But . . . , but . . ." God answers prayer in the best way, not sometimes, but every time, although the immediate manifestation of the answer in the domain in which we want it may not always follow. Do we expect God to answer prayer?
The danger with us is that we want to water down the things that Jesus says and make them mean something in accordance with common sense; if it were only common sense, it was not worth while for Him to say it. The things Jesus says about prayer are supernatural revelations.

~Oswald Chambers

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bra Straps...

I was at my oldest daughter's violin recital this past weekend and I watched a sweet girl walk in and sit down with her grandmother and mother.  As we sat and listened to the beautiful music being played, I noticed the grandmother slip her hand over gently and push her grand-daughter's bra strap under her dress because it was showing. ( Because in HER time, it would have never been proper for a young lady to be showing her bra strap!)  My how things have changed!  The young girl looked a touch annoyed with her grandmother but did nothing to the other shoulder which showed the other strap.  In fact, I was almost convinced that she intionally moved her arm so her dress would slip again to SHOW her bra strap! 

Now, I know it is a different generation but it grieves my heart so much that young ladies, (and some not so young) really have lost any sense of modesty!  Girls walk around in shirts that really leave nothing to the imagination.  Having 8 sons, one being 17, I realize the impact that half/dressed girls can have on a male!  We teach our boys to look away, resisting the urge to lust and stare but even a glance makes it very difficult for them!  If only the girls would realize that is so much better for them to keep themselves pure and simple visually!  Men ARE attracted to that even MORE!  Yes, men are attracted by sight but only physically and that will fade!  But attraction to purity and internal beauty last eternally! 

Having 3 girls, now 4, it is such a temptation to dress the way of what is "popular".  And finding clothes that even fit "normally" is a struggle sometimes!  (I'm glad the layered look is in because it takes many layers to cover up what some people would not cover!)  So, my girls have found a great way around showing bra straps and what the bra actually is supposed to cover under shirts!  Sometimes it is not easy and we have had some limit issues that have been addressed before they happen.  But this weekend, as I watched one generation correct another generation in what I feel has been lost, I knew I must continue to make sure my girls grow up knowing what is right and good in God's eyes.  Hopefully a conviction to dress in the way that would please their God!  I am SURE that does not include flaunting bra staps!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Lots going on around here now that the weather has FINALLY turned from winter to summer!
(tomorrow is supposed to reach over 90!  2 nights ago we had the furnace running!)

Nothing better than sister's enjoying each other's company at a spring parade...

Lots of baseball!  (We have enough family members for an entire team!)

...more baseball!

...and MORE baseball!

Just watching the world go by in his little car!

The beauty of God's outdoor creation!

Still enjoying God's little creation He has blessed us with!

Hope you are able to begin enjoying this wonderful time of year!

Yes, SpRiNg HaS sPrUnG!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My graduate

Yes, this month I did birth announcements
Graduation announcements!
I don't know whether to laugh or cry,
I have chosen to do BOTH!
Isn't he handsome!

Seems like yesterday, I was making out his birth announcements!


We are soooooo very proud of who you are and what you have done!

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