Friday, September 14, 2012

Foto Friday ~ annual "Turning Hearts" picnic

Over Labor Day, we went to the annual "Turning Hearts" picnic at the Bontrager's home. It is to remind us the purpose God has for have our hearts towards our homes. Father's leading, loving and sharing the love of Christ with thier children so they can go out and spread the Word of Christ with others. A Godly heritage to pass on to the next generation. Mother's learning how to encourage, support and share also in the responsibility. It is FILLED with big families and kids EVERYWHERE!

The Bates family from "United Bates of America" show on TLC, were the guest speakers. They were also there last year and once again, Gil Bates did an amazing job reminding us that our job at home cultivating our children's hearts is more important than ANY other job we will ever do.

Besides the Bates, who have 19 children, we won a prize for having the largest family there! (However, there was a family there who had 11 and we gave them our CD because we are nice like that!) :) My HUGE complaint and ONLY complaint was the heat! It was pushing 100 degrees and humid! I made it hour by hour and after my kids kept telling me I could make it, I made it 7 whole hours! :) I don't regret it a bit! Here are a few pictures to share our day! If you are ever in good ol' Iowa next year, I HIGHLY suggest you come to the picnic!

First view of a cow

Stare down

sitting by the rural "sky scraper"
(my 4 year old said it was a "weally talllll sky squayper)

Yes, the cows were the hit of the day for our boys
Farmer wanna be's!

I myself, prefer the Bates Family over cows

enjoyin the show

new friends

great friends
using a leaf blower to inflate the bounce house
(quite a creative idea in my opinion!)

We did locate some of our "old" friends also
ice cream was a HUGE hit of the day

yep...watching the cows still!
more friends and ice cream
boys playing football
And just plain FUN!
Malachai 4:6
And He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers...


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