Thursday, June 2, 2011

In need...

I have been, for a very long time, in need of a refreshing rain of peace from my Heavenly Father!

It's been rather dry in my soul...

Not wanting it that way, it just has been...

Life gets hard sometimes and things just get in the way!  

The path I am on right now, gets me weary at times...

Lots of waiting, wondering, guessing, and not able to plan!  (That is hard for me!)


God sees all! 

He knows what I need!

I just have to give it to Him and not keep it to figure out on my own!

And at just the right time...

A refreshing rainstorm flooded my soul and cleansed my heart!

Nothing that I can really explain...

Just a reminder that He IS there and He DOES care and He has NOT forgotten me!

A reminder that...

Birds neither sow nor reap, and He cares for me MORE than He does those beautiful flying creatures!

How profound and yet so simple!

Yep, I am in need!

 And He found a way to provide a peace to let me know if He is for me, who can be against me!

He is also on your side! 

Ask for the rain! 

The kind you don't want an umbrella for!

Thank you for the rain, God! 

You have once again, been ever so faithful!

Help me to stay under your precious water of cleansing so that I will continue to see You, not my circumstances!


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