Friday, February 18, 2011

Foto Friday~ that reminds me...

With an unseasonably warm day yesterday,
our entire household got the itch to be outside and reminds of this...

...walking in the warm air

...the sunshine on our faces

...and just enjoying the thrill of being outside in the great outdoors!
I do LOVE winter, but this year, it has even worn me out!
I don't mind that we have some cold days left and more than likely more snow!
I love sitting and listening to the crackling of a warm, cozy fire in my living room.

I am ready for no more coats and the ability to go anywhere on a whim.

Spring will be here soon and we know that, but boy it can seem like forever when you get a teaser day in the middle of February!

Have a great weekend and remember...
Spring is just around the corner!

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