Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big bro...little sis

These are my two bookends
They are both beginning their lives but in different ways

Both learning independancy and freedom in new ways
There is a bond with them

Big brother walks in the room he reaches for little sister with a smile on his face.
Little sister reaches for big brother with a HUGE grin on her face.

It is a bitter-sweet time in motherhood
Wanting to hold on to both as tight as I can
Also knowing that in letting go,
 they can truly find themselves and who they are going to be in Christ.

I have the best of both worlds!
An adult "child" AND a baby "child" in my home

I wonder what the future holds for them?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is...

reading the same book over and over and over

tucking kids in for the night when you are weary and ready to end YOUR day but know you can't for many hours yet

making meals day in and day out

not going on a date because a sick child wants to lay on your lap

practicing cursive with your 9 year old instead of having that morning cup of coffee

driving to music lessons many times a week

hugs from 18 year old

hugs from 2 year olds

prayer time with your girls

sweeping for the upteenth time

washing clothes AGAIN

folding clothes AGAIN

giving baths

teaching little ones how to make their bed

giving until it hurts expecting NOTHING in return!

Being a mom!

I am SO honored to be a mom and my kids are the best love gift I could ever have!
It is a life of sacrifice but ohhhhhh so worth it!

Happy Valentines Day!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Have you ever?

Been SO overwhelmed with so many different emotions that you just get in your car and drive?

Not even a cell phone to demand your time
No voices demanding your attention when really all you need is to listen...
listen to that one voice...

Sometimes I wonder where that voice is
All my frustration, sadness, desperateness, failures and fears come to the surface and I feel surrounded by confusion

It is in those times that I remember He is there but I need to call on Him
The peace comes and I remember I am to give it ALL to Him

Yes, I did drive...
I called on Him
Talked to Him
Cried out to Him
It worked
I am learning
Not easy for me to take the time to be alone
Sometimes I just need to remember to be still so I can listen
Do you?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Foto Friday~Boys at work

We have had SO many things to put together since our move!
For boys (and Moms) that is a good thing!
Don't ya love the tongue action!
(it shows GREAT concentration!)
It might have taken a little longer,
but it was all worth it!
For a time, they worked together and showed amazing abilities using screwdrivers!

Now if I can just keep them from taking it apart!

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

FREE good home?

I have heard of "Free to Good Home", but until now, never heard of "Free Good Home"!  Let me explain...We have a new place to live.  Not a new home but new to us!  It is probably to date, one of my favorite places we have lived.  (We did live in a small community years ago that had a home I would say comes in first.)  There is quite a story behind this "new" home!  It is not just a house to me!  We have made it a "home" because God has given it to us to live for a time!  It was a gift from him for this chapter in our lives.  The circumstances are amazing, actually.  At the last moment, a dear woman realized that our family would be homeless and offered her home to us free of charge for as long as we need it.  Can you believe it?!!!  For months we sat in our living room with a lurking foreclosure over our heads.  Although no way to pay the mortgage, there was always that thought and maybe some guilt or burden to pay it.  With that behind us as of January 18th, and NO way to change it, we sit here in our living room, from God, with no worry of being homeless!  We don't know how long we will be here but God has made an impossible situation beautiful!  There is a heavenly economy!  This lady who offered her home (the one we are living in right now), has also seen some things happen with her home.  It was vacant for some time and it was in need of some TLC!  An amazing organization came to us because of a friend of mine who knew we were in need, and redid the kitchen and other things that needed to be fixed FREE of charge.  I will get into more detail soon.  I am still trying to get pictures and my camera does not want to get along with my computer since the move.  So I will post them soon! 

Thank you for your many prayers!  Continue!  We are still in need of a job.  We are settling in to our new home and LOVING it!  We do have a dream of another home, someday!  But God has been so good to us and held us up in a very desperate time!  He simply is AWESOME!  Trust Him!  He IS who He says He is and He does what He says He is going to do!  He takes care of His children!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A request to pray...

I am asking all of you to pray for a dear family we know.  We lived in a small community years ago and we were SO blessed to have lived there.  Yesterday, our former pastor/friend and his wife from that community were killed in a car accident.  They have left behind 4 children and an AMAZING extended family!  My eyes burn from crying so much after being up much of the night crying out to God.  It is so hard to comprehend...words don't even come to mind of the pain these children are going to go through in the months to come.  I am pleading for you to also cry out to Jesus on their behalf.  The sweet parents are in heaven looking at Jesus face to face and for that we are TRULY greatful but we still need to come together as the family of Christ and lift this family up that has been left on earth.

God, we don't understand these things, but we know that you are all-knowing and you bring comfort in our deepest darkest hour.  We place these children in your loving arms and we know that you are their Heavenly Father and you WILL hold them.  When they want to be held by their earthly parents, please give them a peace that passes all understanding and allow them to feel your arms of love.  Somehow, allow good to come from all of this and allow your glory to be seen.  Give beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning and peace for despair.  WE trust you and lift them up to you...Amen

Friday, February 3, 2012

Now we are...

digging out
not sleeping much
waking WAY to early
eating on the floor still
trying to clear the dining room
playing hide and seek in new places
tossing footballs in the new yard
bringing soup to new neighbors
driving to Wal-mart everyday
tiring of not having a schedule
still waiting for a job
feeling VERY blessed
always trusting in the One who holds our future!

Now we have...
started a new chapter in our lives!


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