Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eternal Value

Time goes WAY to fast and these sweet moments will someday be only a memory!

 please let me appreciate the simple, beautiful things
and not be consumed with the tedious and mundane.
Help me to TRULY understand,
 that the time I put into my children,
 teaching them to love, serve and find joy in the hard times,
has eternal value and it IS and WILL all be worth it!
I do not want to waste a single moment of my children's lives
fretting upon the things that You have in YOUR hands!
Oh, may they see YOUR reflection in my eyes and in my responses,
 and not see the circumstances that surround me because they know I am looking to You.
I desire to reflect the character of You so that someday,
they will come to know You as their loving Father and provider just as You have taught me.
When I am weary and feel just plain weak,
Please remind me to savor every moment of their sweet little lives
and continue to whisper to my heart the gentle reminder,
 that this is all for you and YOU and for YOUR glory!
It's not to be about me anyway!


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