Thursday, June 9, 2011

scattered thoughts...

==I LOVE rainy days! 
==It is pouring right now with rolls of thunder in the back-ground
==Boys are busy VERY early in the morning
==Boys are busy EVERY moment of the day!
==But it is so fun having them around!
==The early morning paper route we are doing is getting OLD for my hubby!
==The older kids help, but go back to bed
==Not my hubby!  He is TIRED very early in the evening
==I gave up TV
==I now enjoy listening to sermons from Jack Hayford and R.C. Sproul after the kids go to bed
==Any suggestions for some other good preachers?
==Pandora is one of my favorite new finds on the internet
==I have a weakness for doughnuts
==My husband brought some home this morning after the paper route
==I want to eat WAY more than I should
==I only ate one far! :)
==Have to wash diapers this morning
==Should of done that yesterday when the sun was out
==Going to our state homeschooling conference this weekend with my husband
==I strongly urge you to go to one if you homeschool
==It is so hard to get everything in order to leave
==But always worth it
==Wondering why I am sitting on my computer when my head is spinning with everything I need to do
==The baby went 10 hours last night!
==Out of 12 babies, she is the most content and easiest I have ever had
==After pumping for 10 weeks, she is finally nursing from me!
==Of course AFTER I bought a new double breast pump
==I hate the heat and we have had record breaking temps this week
==Today, I LOVE the cool air coming in my screen door
==I found a wooden doll house someone was getting rid of, for FREE
==I can't wait to finish it... someday
==It is probably worth about $150 before I decorate it
==I just remembered, I took it out of the van and now it is getting rained on!

Now, I must get going and on with my day!

Enjoy your weekend!



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