Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Many brothers

God must think this sweet little thing is pretty tough!
Can you imagine having 8 OLDER BROTHERS!
For now, mommy watches her like a hawk and protects her like a china doll!
I am sure the day will soon come,
when I have to let go a bit and she won't be satisfied with being attached to my hip LITERALLY!
Here are some things that are sure to happen when you are a sister of MANY brothers:
  • Every toy you have is pink but hot-wheels suddenly end up in front of you hourly
  • your teethers get chucked across the living room and end up behind furniture
  • somehow your toys can be found outside and you know that you did not put them there because you can't even walk yet!
  • if you are laying on the floor, in a matter of seconds, someone will be laying across your back
  • when you are learning to crawl, you have an audience circling you and cheering you on (actually, when you are learning ANYTHING the circle happens!)
  • there is always a ball being stuck in front of your face
  • your mom walks in the room and you have a toy alligator in your mouth
  • you get blue jammies with cars and trucks on them
  • you get strange things shoved in your mouth
  • you never get a full nap because either boys are yelling or your door gets opened before you are ready to be awake
  • your mommy never leaves you in a room without an adult
  • you hear questions about your body parts and the idea that something is missing that your brothers have and you don't (and you don't know what they mean yet)
  • you do not own an outfit that does not have pink, bows or ruffles on it because your mom has not been able to dress a baby girl for over 10 years
  • To you, your elastic headbands are for your hair, however, your brothers think they are giant rubberbands to shoot at each other
  • everyone calls you a princess and it's not to be mean
  • you have a frog put on your belly when you are 4 months old
  • you get fingers jammed in your mouth that are not yours
  • you start crawling at 6 months to ensure your survival
  • you get picked up by somebody only 8 inches taller than you
  • football games are your lullabye music
  • you realize that you may never get married because everyone will be terrified to come near you someday
  • your daddy is in awe of you and your cuteness
  • very loud noise levels do not scare you in the least
  • you have your ears pierced at 3 months and own more earrings than your mom and you are only 7 months!
  • you are loved and protected by many and you realize it will always be that way

It will be so very fun watching her with all these brothers!  I can't imagine what God has in store for her!  It's gonna be good!  I'm thinking a professional boxer or something!  :)  Whatever it is, He has a plan for her and I will do all that I can to raise her up in the way that she should go! 

Just hoping she makes it to her first birthday!

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