Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby things I can't live without!

Aden & Anais Bamboo Swaddling Wrap 3 Pack Pyara AA9902
*My little one LOVES to be swaddled but in this warm weather, it is hard to keep my baby from getting to hot.  I found these and wish I would have had them with my other babies!  Great all year round and the perfect size for growing babies and newborns!!  The can be used as a blanket also!  They are made out of muslin and the more you wash them, the softer they get!  VERY durable! 
I got mine at Target but you can find them Here at this websight also!!

*My daughter babysits and discovered these ADORABLE and handy Soothie pacifiers!  My babies always love these paci's anyway but these cute things are attached to a variety of cute little creatures!  I got my sweet little angel a princess one of course!  They are called Wubbanubs.  Babies hug the character and it helps keeps the paci in their mouths!  Great for car seats and cuddling!  (The blanket she is laying on is the one mentioned above!)
You can find them Here or I got mine off of e-bay!

Nursing Blend - Breastfeeding Supplement
*I had my first experience of a TERRIBLE nurser with my 12th baby!  Which in return, I had a low milk supply.  I heard about the herb Fenugreek and these WONDERFUL vitamins have it in them!  They have done the job and I have no problem with my milk supply now even though pumping is about the only way I can continue to give her ONLY my breastmilk! She is getting better! (The pump I use is later in the post!)  I continue to use them because of all the natural ingredients!  Extra vitamin D which breast milks lacks and I feel great and have a very calm baby which I am attributing to this GREAT product!
Order them from Here!
Salter 914 Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale
*Because of my litte one's inablility to nurse well, we had a hard time getting her to gain weight the first few weeks so we bought a scale.  We saw this one and loved that we could use it for our toddlers also!  It is VERY accurate and simple to use.
Find it Here!

ERGObaby spring green performance carrier
*The BEST all around carrier that I cannot do without!  The Ergo carrier is comfortable for mom and babe and great for newborns up to toddlers! 
Go Here to find out more and get yours!

*A blog friend of mine sent this sling to me as a baby gift and since my babe LOVES to be held and cuddled, this has made it so easy to do!  It fits right inside my diaper bag and the fabrics are soft, breathable, and attractive to the eye!  Thanks Shelly! :)
Order one Here!

*Who does not love Tupperware?  Their kids line is so GREAT!  These are so versatile and I have used Tupperware even BEFORE I became a mom!  I love the small containers to freeze baby food or tote around snacks in my diaper bag!  These are so cute, durable, and fun to use!  (I do sell Tupperware so please feel free to contact me on my comment page if you would like to order some!  :)
You may look at their great products Here!

Baby & Mom
*Did you know there is an ingredient in many baby soaps that CAN affect your baby's nervous system! (Go Here to read more!)  But these products are ALL natural and smell great!  I brought the baby wash with me to the hospital and the nurse used it for the first bath!  It smells great and is good for their skin.  Gentle enough, that I use it daily for my little one's nightly bedtime bath!  Some retail stores carry this line also!
But Here is the websight

Avent Electronic Breast Pumps avent scf304 02
*This has been my babies life saver!  I have fed her the past 11 weeks with no formula because of this product!  No pain and FAST!  Well worth the money even if you only need it occasionally!  
I got mine off of e-bay but you can also go Here!

*These are the ONLY bottles I use and have used them for YEARS!  They are now BPA free and have made transitioning from breast to bottle very easy!  My little one nursers LOTS better now and I never had a problem with her latching on and I very much believe it is because of the nipple shape of these bottles! 
I got mine at Target and Here is that websight!

I make NO money off of this blog post! (unless you want to buy Tupperware from me!  :)  It is just some things I have found along the way.  Some things I have used with many and some I have just discovered!  But all useful just the same!

Please let me know of some idea's for me that I might like by adding them to my comment page! 

Happy baby enjoying! 

PS  These are GREAT gift idea's also!


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