Thursday, October 6, 2011

One year ago...

Today, is the one year anniversary of my sweet, precious grandma's death.

She is sitting at Jesus feet now.

 It's actually where she always longed to be!

But I am selfish and wish I could be sitting with her in my living room!

I have missed her so much!

I don't quite know how I have done it without her!

She always had so much wisdom to share. 

She had a way of making me know I was not alone when I was not the parent I should have been...

When I failed to love my husband the way God intended, she would share with me the ways she failed as a wife but how forgiving God was with her.

Most importantly, she showed me the power of a relationship with Christ! 

The power of prayer and that the bible is the LIVING word of God and that it will NEVER fail me!

So although I miss her, I realize that the legacy she has left me, will be passed down for generations and she is always with me! 

And that sweet day, when I enter the gates of heaven, she will be there with her arms opened wide and tell me of all the things she has learned again!  Oh that sweet, sweet day!


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