Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Longer than I meant it to be

Well, I last posted and gave my word that after I became well, I would be posting more on character training, and I will.

However, a few things came up in the mean time.
Here is an update...

Last week started out fine.
Sewing some baby girl things with a little one on my lap...
Little did we know what the next 10 days would hold for our family! 

This happened...

The H1N1 flu hit our entire home in the worst way ...
(okay, the house is fine, but the children were NOT!)

and it was NO respecter of anyone that walks and breathes!

Not only that, but also 2 strains of strep throat hit most of them along with the flu!
I have NEVER witnessed anything like it in my entire 17 year career as a mother!
And I have witnessed LOTS!
So, I cuddled LOTS, prayed more, slept less and had a broken heart looking at their sad, sweet faces and lifeless bodies...

While their bodies fought it all off.

Yes, it was THIS bad!

But this week has been better! 
As I said many times from the wisdom of my dear grandma,
"This too shall pass!"
And it has!
I had to remind myself CONSTANTLY that God will never give me more than I can bear!
Even 11 kids REALLY sick, all at the same time!
I feel invincible!
I am woman, hear me ROAR!

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