Thursday, October 11, 2012

Foto Friday ~ Remind me...

I am going to miss these days! 
in about 8 years,
 I will have 6 teenage boys living under one roof, MINE!
Sometimes, the days can seem so long
the years are going by SO VERY fast!
I will miss boys giggling and looking out of a bird watch area
pretending it is a hideout...
 Moments of seeing big brother and little sister enjoying watching the world go by
just because
nothing else is filling their time and that it is enough for the day
I love knowing that for now...
A hiking trail and the great outdoors is all we have to do
if we want to...
I'm going to miss this someday!
please help me to enjoy today and savor these sweet, precious times
and not hurry my days.
I know that it is YOU who has been so gracious to me and
to even fathom that you would trust me with all these beautiful gifts is to great for me to comprehend...
I know I fail and I gripe and complain sometimes because it is so hard to put "self" last and I have moments of wondering if I can do it another day! 
 Then I am rememeber you did it for me to the point of death
and it reminds me that I CAN'T do it alone you and you don't intend for me to!
I ask that you carry me when I can't take
one more spill,
 more bad attitudes,
 another load of laundry,
kids arguing AGAIN,
another meal to make
 and I could go on and on and on...
 but you gently remind me that you already know my short-comings
and love me anyway.
Remind me that there is nothing I can't do without you!
...Even raise 12 kids!
I thank you for all of these moments and I ask you to help me day in and moment by moment to appreciate these times because it all goes WAY to fast!
Someday I WILL miss this but remind me TODAY...
To thank you for the privilege of being a mom to all of these blessings and to savor their growing up and consider it a joy not a burden!


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