Friday, October 28, 2011

Foto Friday ~ An Adult

It is official!
We have another adult in our home.
Legally anyway!
Our oldest has turned 18!
I am so very proud of him!
Africa really "grew" him up!
He really was very grown up already but 6 weeks away from home for the first time in his life, half a world away, is dramatic!
(for both of us!)

I have enjoyed SO much watching him grow up!
I do however, realize that in my busyiness I may have wasted time thinking of things that really did not matter as he was growing up.
I wish I would have enjoyed his boyish ways more and worried less.
I wonder why I did not have him sit on my lap more to read stories to him before bed instead of needing more time for ME!
Why didn't I go outside and run and play with him instead of worrying about clean floors?
Why did it matter how many of his fingerprints were left on the windows?
Now, I would like to see little marks of him everywhere but his hands are busy other places
I wish I would have answered all his questions with patience instead of haste realizing that there were few years left that he would look to only me and my opinions
This week, he asked me to go to a movie and go shopping with him just because he wanted me too!
I did!
  I dropped everything I was doing,
I even went fresh out of the shower, putting my pride aside just to be with HIM!
(and he did not even care I had wet hair!)
I hope it is not to late to show him how much I love him by spending time with him whenever I can!
Now it is HIS choice when he wants to see or be with be!
It used to be he was ALWAYS with me because that was our life!
I realize that each day, is closer to him having some other woman in his life to do things with.
Until that happens, I will appreciate being with him when I can...

I have and will learn from this!
I don't want to live with any regrets!
I get it now how fast time goes and I want to savor it all.
Sometimes the days are long but the years go by soooo very fast!
I can't let time slip away so easily with my other children.
 I will ask God daily to remind me that there is only a short time with my children because I want to make sure I appreciate them while they are young.
They too will be 18 one day and it goes WAY to fast!

My son,
 I love you and I pray that you know how much you mean to me!
You are a blessing and a TRUE joy in my life!
I am so very proud of the Godly man you have become!
Continue to follow His lead wherever that may be
He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you!
I know I have failed you as a perfect parent,
but God never will fail you!
Thank you for being you!

Happy Birthday!



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