Monday, September 17, 2012

The WORST/BEST day ~ Part 1

The worst/best day of my entire life happened about 3 weeks ago.  We were all inside starting our day.  It was after bible time and I was helping all the "big" kids get their school assignments in order as I always do.  My husband was in the shower getting ready to go to work and things seemed to be going pretty well.  My 13 year old walks in and says, "Mom, there is a lady outside that is REALLY mad because A---- (our 3 year old) was out on the curb right by the street. She wants to talk to you."  About 3 minutes before that, my 3 yr old was sitting on my lap.  I assumed he got up to get a drink, I did not dream he went outside and I especially did not know he would go out of our fenced in yard!  However, he is 3 and I would think most people would know that it is not uncommon for a 3 year old to disappear within seconds! 
Yes, he is sweet but he is fast!

So I got up and went outside and she was gone!  I continued our day of schooling and thought nothing else about it.  About 2 hours later, a policeman shows up at our door stating that a lady called and said there was a little boy at this residence wandering around by the street.  My husband told him that everything was ok, and we were aware of it and will keep him inside.  I once again went on with my daily activies and my husband went to work.  After I put the little ones down for nap, I left my 17, 15, and 13 year old daughters to babysit while I took the 5 older boys bowling.  I recieved a call from my 15 year old about a half an hour into bowling, that DHS had showed up asking all kinds of questions.  The BIGGEST nightmare a mother, and especially a homeschooling mother can have!  WAY to many horror stories have been read and heard of things happening with court cases and children taken from the home because of neglect.  I called my husband and told the boys to get their shoes on because we needed to leave right away!  I was shaking and wondering what to do. 

There was a garage sale about 3 houses down from us and there were children's items in the yard and I KNOW my little guy had his eye on them and decided to check them out which lead to him wandering out of our yard.  A lady who happened to be leaving the sale, decided to call the police unstead of just walking him up to the house and letting me know.  Gone are the days when people want to help others.  It seems everyone is out to get someone.  Now, don't get me wrong, I do not EVER think it is okay for people to mistreat children and if they are playing in the street, it is life and death matter so it needs to be taken seriously but to call the police and then leave before you even can talk to the mother!  That seemed a touch extreme to me! 

Well, my husband informed me that he talked to our lawyer and he told us what to do and that they would be coming Saturday to talk to us (my husband and I) and see our little boy.  I was mortified!  I could not believe this was happening!  Of course the worst ran through my mind!  What if they took our kids away?!  What kinds of questions would they ask?  Would they question our homeschooling and then another can of worms would be opened?  I had never felt so alone!  I really felt like I was living someone else's life!  I cried out to God asking Him to take this all away!  Why was this happening?  I knew God would act on our behalf but how bad were things going to get?!  What was He trying to show me in this?  I felt violated, intruded on and it hurt!  I love my children as most mother's do...until it hurts!  I needed something to cling to!  Oh am I soooo thankful I have my heavenly Father!  I turned to Him first and foremost and then I called a dear sweet friend of mine.  I cleaned the house better than I had ever cleaned before just in case they would come in.  My house is usually clean.  As clean as it can be with 14 people living under one roof anyway!  But this was an intense, deep cleaning experience!  We had until 9 AM the next morning to get it all done.  The thought of losing my children overtook me and I could hardly breathe!  I felt as if someone was sitting on my chest all day long.  I could hardly breathe or function...was my life changing forever because of this lady? 

Part 2 coming/ the BEST is yet to come!


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