Sunday, February 12, 2012

Have you ever?

Been SO overwhelmed with so many different emotions that you just get in your car and drive?

Not even a cell phone to demand your time
No voices demanding your attention when really all you need is to listen...
listen to that one voice...

Sometimes I wonder where that voice is
All my frustration, sadness, desperateness, failures and fears come to the surface and I feel surrounded by confusion

It is in those times that I remember He is there but I need to call on Him
The peace comes and I remember I am to give it ALL to Him

Yes, I did drive...
I called on Him
Talked to Him
Cried out to Him
It worked
I am learning
Not easy for me to take the time to be alone
Sometimes I just need to remember to be still so I can listen
Do you?

1 comment:

kenton said...

We need alone time with God so that we can hear loud and clear how much He loves us and cares about us and wants to help us with whatever we are going through. And He can then give us clear direction for the day and the future and give us His peace. In visiting the parents of many families, I can usually tell who has been spending alone time with God.


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