Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is my life!

Boys will be boys! 
I told the boys the other day that they could play in the sprinkler, soooooo I look out and the pond that we are GOING to fill in was being used as this....
My first reaction was GET OUT!!!!
I turned around and thought,
"Why not?  This is what being a kid is all about!  Let them do it!"
(I talk to myself often!)
So I did!

And I don't regret it!
(Well, the clean up of the clogged drain and disgusting bathtub AFTER they hosed off outside FIRST, did put a small damper on my "fun" decision!)

They won't remember the filthy tub or the plunging
This is what they will remember!

I'm learning to let go and let boys be boys!
(But once in the mud pond was enough!)

1 comment:

blueschoolmomma said...

Haha! I talk to myself all the time too! And strangely enough, I'm usually the one that lets the kids do stuff like that without hesitation and Marvin is the one that freaks out! And it IS strange because I'm the one cleaning it up later! :-)


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