Monday, September 22, 2008

New bathroom

Well, I'm back to those who follow my blog daily! I had a very busy weekend and was just to tired to blog in the evening. I redid my bathroom this weekend with my wonderful, helpful, selfless, mother! She helped my wallpaper AND brought us new furniture for our living room! What would we do without our Parents! Even as an adult, their advice and selfless ways are so appreciated! I still have about half a day to finish my bathroom but it sure looks better, and I can say I NEVER want to tackle wallpapering again! I love to paint, but wallpapering, not so much! The thought for the day is to be thankful for all the many blessings our Jesus gives us each day! Don't walk by good things in your life and not thank God for them all! NOTHING happens by chance! We have been given each day as a gift from God and if focused on all the good things instead of the things we don't have, we will always be content and thankful!
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