Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, we talked about Job at bible time. I can never read the book of Job without crying! I'm not sure if it's because I can't imagine the pain he went through or if I fear what I would do if I had everything taken away that I love! More than likely it is both! After everything was taken from him including his sheep, camels, oxen, donkeys, servants, and ALL 10 of his children, Job fell to the ground and WORSHIPED saying, "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord!" Job 1:20-21WOW! He did not doubt God's ways. He mourned greatly I am sure, BUT he continued to look to God and not question why this was happening to him. Sometimes, I feel like I have done a few good things so I surely deserve God's blessing, right? Well, no! Job was blameless before God and feared Him and shunned evil - Job 1:1 says. And looked what happened! I don't believe that what happened to Job was all about him. God knew Job was going to stand strong no matter what Satan threw at him. He followed hard after God and God knew how Job's life would affect others. (US!) We can read about Job and realize that the faith Job has is where we need to be. Please understand, I don't want bad things to happen in my life, none of us do! However, when the hard times come, and they will, we have something and someone to put our hope in! Job's wife even tried to get him to give up on God! Others may see us struggling and say, surely this is not worth it! We must stand up and say, yes, even if it is painful, someday, we will see our reward! (And on this earth, if our faith is in God, He will bless us!) It will be standing before Jesus where if we believe He died for our sins and have faith, we will be saved and spend eternity with him. Life on earth IS temporary! It may seem like life is long sometimes, especially when times are hard, but compared to eternity, it is just the blink of an eye! I want to be like Job, that no matter what I am going through, I am looking to my Jesus. Look to Him today and know He desires a relationship with you because He wants what is best for you, HIM! He will be all you need!
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