Friday, October 3, 2008

Adria blogs today

Hi! Its Adria, I will be blogging today instead of mom. You will get to read a little bit about photography today from my perspective.
The past week or so, half of our family has been sick! Its really not a fun thing when this happens, although I'm thankful that only about half of us were, and at least not the WHOLE family(that happened once, and it was a complete nightmare!)!! I'm almost over it, I still have a stuffy nose and my throat is a little sore but its way better than yesterday. The worst part about being sick for me is not being able to be outside and do photography, and walk the dogs, and it drives me crazy when I can't practice violin!!
Now for photography. At first I just wanted to do it for high school credits, but it turned out that I really like it as a hobby, not a school requirement. I started about a month ago, and I have learned so much in one month, and my photo's have dramatically improved! One of the first things I learned about photography that really has helped me with my shots, is that photography isn't just snapping a whole bunch of pictures from your camera, and hoping they turn out! And you don't always want to have your subject directly in the middle of your picture if you're trying to draw attention to it. And, most importantly, never ever copy another photographers style. Find your own unique style, and express yourself through it, don't try to take a picture like another person has, or is because you won't be able to. It will end up looking unnatural and it won't really be YOUR work, therefore it won't be the best it could be if you where being you! Photography for me is soo fun because I get to take pictures of anything I want, and no matter what my focal point is (focal point is basically the main object in the picture) I can express it from MY point of view, and the person looking at the photo will see something different from what they normally see that will make them think something like "wow! I've never seen that flower from that view, its interesting how she would think of taking a picture of a morning glory from that angle!". And in photography, there aren't to many limits. If I feel like taking pictures of my pets one day, then I go and snap some shots and read some tips and info on taking good pictures of pets. If I feel like taking pictures of flowers (which so far is my favorite) I go and find some flowers and I try and do new things, like take 5 pictures of one flower. But each picture has to be from a different angle, and in a diferent setting. I think when a person learns to see things from a whole bunch of different views it makes things more interesting. Maybe you've seen a photo of a sunflower before, but have you seen one of a sunflower from an ants view? Way down low, looking up. Or maybe a butterflys view, from the top getting ready to land.
Maybe not everyone reading this is that interested in photography, but this advice can apply to life too. If you can learn to be more understanding and put yourself in other people's shoes, it can give you a whole new perspective and view of something that before you never even thought of. And normally, if you are understanding, most of the time you will be understood when its you that needs it.
Well, I hope you liked this today! I'm still new to the typing instead of writing thing.. its definately different, but I do like it. Who knows, you might even be seeing more of my blogging in the near future.
Well, its time for me to go. Have a good day everyone and until next time, adios!
P.S I added some more photos today, scroll down if you want to see them, I hope you like them!
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