Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to tell you have kids

1. There is peanut butter all over the peanut butter jar, on the cupboard, and the lid is missing and nobody knows where it is!

2. The jelly jar has jelly everywhere but IN the jar, there is jelly on the cupboard, and the lid is missing and nobody knows where it is!

3. Your car windows on the inside look like they have been painted with peanut butter and jelly after you just cleaned them 24 hours ago!

4. Your vehicle now consists of more than 4 doors.

5. You go grocery shopping and FILL your cupboards and somebody complains there is nothing to eat.

6. Your toothbrush is never where you put it last and it is ALWAYS wet.

7. You have a back-up toothbrush for times when you just are not sure where it has been.

8. Your furniture has a very "cozy" look to it and you have only had it for a year or two and you no longer have a coffee table because it takes up too much play space.

9. You now have a colorful speckled look to your dining room carpet because of past "playdough time".

10. You tell your husband you are going to the bathroom to go "potty".

11. You ask your husband if he went "potty".

12. Your cat is treated like a slinky.

13. Your cat used to stay in the house all the time and since your toddler started to walk, suddenly it enjoys the great outdoors.

14. Your new vacation spot has become a campground.

and last but not least....

15. You look at your life and wish you could push pause because you realize things are for a short moment and you don't want them to pass!

Motherhood is not easy. It is a constant demand on your "self". You have no time to be selfish and even if you wanted to be, nobody would let you anyway! If you have been chosen to this great calling, enjoy it, appreciate it, savor it, and most importantly thank God for the privilege and the opportunity to care for something He created and entrusted you with. It is truly an honor to raise little ones for Him!


Robin said...

That is great!!!

16 blessings'mom said...

I have a few to add:

1. There are three gallons of milk in the 'fridge...all of them are open.

2. There are 4 jars of peanut butter in the cupboard. All of them are open.

3. The bread is open.

4. There are 3 tubes of toothpaste, no tops.

5. There is enough toothpaste on the bathroom counter to brush 100 kids' teeth.

Oh, I could go on and on....I am glad I am not the only one who has peanutbutter with no top.

Kerri said...

Amen! I have 4 toothbrushes in the hopes that I will be able to find one at any given time. Also, you have a large family when there aren't enough colors of any particular brand to color code so you span a couple brands. :)


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