Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The joys of the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

I know age makes a difference when carrying a child! When I was 22, pregnant with my first child, NOTHING bothered me. I was as swollen as the Good-year Blimp, had pimples everywhere, my feet grew in width as much as I grew in girth (which was alot, I gained 56lbs with my first), and I was oblivious to it all! I walked around in a cloud with with anticipation for the coming week and just could not wait to see what pregnancy held in store for me! Well, now 15 years later and on my 11th living child, (14th pregnancy however)my ignorance is replaced with wisdom of what is to come. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the joy of carrying a child and helping God with a miracle! I never get over the wonderful feeling of a little one kicking, hiccupping, turning and growing inside of me. Hearing the heartbeat is something that nobody but a mother can exaplain the joy it brings! However, I am now in my 3rd trimester and reality of the coming final weeks has approached me. Hopefully you will find this reality, not a complaint! For now, my feet have not swelled, I have recieved a few pimples off and on, and I am actually losing weight rather than gaining it (the doctor is not alarmed by the way), and now the cloud I walk around in is only filled with anticipation to hold my little one in my arms, not in my aching belly! Here is the problem. I have gotten a TERRIBLE cold in the past week and have coughed so much that I have somehow pulled a muscle, maybe torn it, in my abdomen. It is like a knife slicing me open in one small area to the right of my belly button. The doctor said because of the stage I am in the pregnancy (30 weeks), it will not totally heal until after the baby comes because the baby is only going to get bigger in the coming weeks furthermore,stretching my abdomen muscles that much more. So, the plan of action is no lifting, and no strenuous activivity. Not really an option for a mother of 10 other children! So my pregnancy bliss has some pain involved. I know it is not life or death but 9 weeks of this kind of pain may do me in! I DO know I have a family doctor who can heal me! God! If you could please pray for me this week for my body to be touched and for this pain to subside, I would greatly appreciate it! I have seen others ask for prayer on their blogs, so I thought it might be a good idea for me. I really right now need my cough to go away. And then the muscle to heal. It does not matter what the doctor says on this earth, I know my heavenly doctor can do things I could never imagine. I also know when I hold this little one in my arms, this will all be worth it! I am truly thankful for the gift of being able to carry this sweet child for God. I just am in need of some healing! Thank you for listening to me and lifting me up in your prayers! Also, if you know of anyone else who has had this happen, please let me know. It would be of interest to me know how everything turned out. Have a great day filled with the joy of the Lord! I will keep you posted!


Robin said...

I also had my first pregnancy at age 22 and had no complaints, either. My 10th pregnancy (2 in heaven) took place when I was 38 going on 39 and was a different story! I will keep you in my prayers:)

Qtpies7 said...

I feel so much the same way about age and pregnancy. I had finally given in to God's apparent will that we are not going to have any more chidren, and find myself pregnant with our 8th (11th pregnancy) at almost 38. Morning sickness hit almost as fast as the test turned positive. That is so very different, lol.


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