Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a little update-the good and the bad

For those of you who let me know I was in your prayers yesterday, thank you! Just to give you a little update. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic yesterday because I was getting sicker and sicker. Yes, more coughing! It is a very strong antibiotic so he said after 1 dose I should notice a difference. I took the first dose at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon and by 5:00 last evening I think every fluid in me started to drain. (Sorry about the graphic details!) About 7:00 I noticed I was not coughing near as much which is what my torn muscle needed! I went to bed early and only woke up 1 time coughing for about 5 minutes. For 5 nights before that I was up every hour for an hour coughing non-stop. So quite a change. I rested quited peacefully! As I sit here now, I have been coughing some, but the cough is different. So, the good news is I feel better and my coughing has subsided the bad news is my muscle is still causing extreme pain. But half the battle is being won!
Thank you for remembering me and keep praying for healing! It is working!


Theresa said...

Oh Heather! Our family is definitely praying for your healing. Hug the baby for me and hope your muscle heals quickly. Everyone says to use a pillow to support your stomach muscles when you cough.

Kerri said...

I will pray for you as well!


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