Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reflections of who Jesus is to me

As Easter approaches this week, I am contemplating who my Jesus is to me. Hopefully you can feel renewed and feel His presence as you read these thoughts.

I praise Him because He is:
-immovable peace
-irreplaceable joy
-constant love
-my "daddy" who welcomes me no matter where I have been
-He holds my tears in a bottle
-He knows my hurts
-He cares about my pain
-He endured GREAT pain for ME!

He never stops:
-loving me
-seeking me
-allows me to seek Him
-gives me His Word to search His heart

Because I can seek Him, I have:
-a reward in heaven
-the gift of sharing Him with others
-a place to lay down my burdens and someone to carry them for me

I have been set free!
I have nothing to fear!
Nothing to dread!
Nothing to worry about!
All I have is HIS!
I do not need to struggle and I lack nothing because of Him in me!

He is for Me so who can be against me?!

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