Monday, April 27, 2009

Rest, NO WAY!

Sore belly and all, I got some nesting instincts this weekend! Not a good time! I just could not sit around! I did not lift anything and I took breaks in between. I know in the coming weeks I will only get bigger and more uncomfortable so I figured I better got things done now!

Friday, we cleaned out the garage. All the kids helped. They were each appointed a task and had to complete it before they could play. We kept 2 rabbits (and as of 3 weeks ago, 8 babies) in there most of the winter and under their cages was a HUGE mess! So in order to clean that out, we had to clear EVERYTHING out first. They are now in their hutch OUTSIDE! It amazes me, how in one winter a garage can become a piling fest of gathered items! Mostly junk! Job was complete.

We are also in the process of turning our breakfast nook into a walk in pantry. There is no possible way we could sit at our 6X4 foot farm table anymore so we put in shelves and are in the process of attaching bi-fold doors. Not complete but should be soon!

Saturday, I started to sort through winter clothes. I HATE this job! It was one thing doing it for 1 or 2 kids, but 10 gets really complicated! (Well, the older ones do it themselves, but 7 is still a challenge!) I really have never found a good way yet. The last couple years, I put away the winter first and then get out the summer a day later. It keeps the mess at bay. I also have to get out baby clothes! So in addition to all the others, I am sorting through those also. That is always a joy for me! I can never believe how tiny everything is! It also helps with my nesting impulse and makes me more anxious to hold my little one! So as of today, boys winter clothes are put away with the exception of 2 pairs of pants and 2 long sleeve shirts for each left out for camping or unexpected cool weather. I always leave 2 pairs of shorts and 2 short sleeve shirts out at the end of summer for each child so they have something until I get the the Rubbermaid's of summer clothes out today or tomorrow. Job half complete.

Saturday, I also arranged my room. Okay, before you yell at me, my oldest son and hubby did that for me! I put all the stuff away and cleaned. I had to make room for the bassinet. We have a very small bedroom because we gave the master bedroom to our kids since they need the room more than we do. So there is only one way to arrange our room for a bassinet. We are also getting a dresser passed down to us so finding room for that for the baby clothes will be the next step. I have a spotless room now and room for the bassinet when decide to get that from the attic. Job complete.

Saturday, I also decided to sand and paint a dresser that was in pretty sad shape. It looks beautiful! I have to get new nobs which I plan to do today and I will post a picture of it this week. Job, completed Sunday evening except for adding nobs.

For now, that is all. I will be out of town next weekend for Women of Faith (It is a womens conference). My mom and oldest daughter will be enjoying ourselves and learning what God has for us. I can't wait! My cough is almost totally gone. My torn muscle is still terribly sore but only really noticeable when I turn quick or walk up the stairs. I am so thankful for that! Once again, thank you for your prayers! I am on the mend! Now making it through the next 6-8 weeks with not to much discomfort is the goal!

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