Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Works For Me Wednesday"

This is my idea for "Works for me Wednesday"
I have 10 soon to be 11 children so inevitably thoughtout the day, kids will leave little things of theirs laying around. So in order to eliminate my nagging constantly to them, I use an inexpensive shelf from Wal-mart and they each have a labeled basket with their name on it. If I notice something laying around that they have forgotten to put away, I simply place it in their assigned basket and we have a pick up time before evening bible time that they must put the contents of their baskets away. 2 things to remember when using this system, make sure they are picking up the majority of their things immediately after they are done, and make sure the basket is not to big! Otherwise it becomes a lazy persons catchall! ;)

This is really useful in teaching little ones the job of tidiness and putting things away at the end of the day. It also keeps little things from gathering all over the house when there is a place to put them.

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Kaycee said...

Awesome advice. You are an amazing person, I would love to just visit your house and observe. I only have two and I am not nearly as organized.

Jane Anne said...

Oh, what a wonderful idea! I need to implement this. I appreciate you sharing it and linking to WFMW.

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Shelly said...

That is one heck of a fabulous idea!! I'm new to your blog; congratulations on another miracle! :-)


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