Thursday, May 28, 2009

For Now~flashback

I found this in my achives and found it ironic that I am this far along as I type this!
It was a gentle reminder that this little one is in God's hands and I have no need to fear of the coming weeks.
We are His!

Soon this view will be all but a memory! But...
For now, I will look down and continue to watch the miracle of life growing inside of me!
For now, I will enjoy every move, bump and hiccup.
For now, I will savor knowing this baby is in the safest place it will ever be on this earth again.
For now, I will remind myself that never again will I be completely aware of every movement and detail of this little life in the same way I am now.
For now, I wait, dream and anticipate holding this little one in my arms.
For now, I wait on God to bring this little one into this world.

FOREVER... I put this little one's life in my creator's hands! The one who put this little life inside of me and the one who will decide when it is time for my life to be forever changed by my sweet baby's presence on the outside instead of the inside!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And may GOD bless this baby and birth.


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