Monday, May 4, 2009

Women of Faith

I spent this weekend with my mom and oldest daughter at a WONDERFUL women's conference called Women of Faith . I have been going each year for the past 11 years and this year was just as incredible as it always is. Some years I have gone, I have had definite issues I have been dealing with and knew God was going to reveal things to me. Other years, I went thinking I had it all together only to find out that there were issues He wanted to bring to the surface. I have learned that there are ALWAYS things I need to have brought into light, it is just at times, I am to preoccupied to really closely listen. Not real cool, huh?! Well, this year, was one of those years I thought I was going to go to listen to God's word and enjoy just being with Him. Which I did! BUT that was not all God had in store for me! We worshipped with Steven Curtis Chapman Friday night and He told of the pain and heartache him and his family has been through this past year after losing there 5 year old daughter. He said he has never understood the sovereignty of God more and never questioned it more. He was so humble. He also sang a song that God used to stir my heart. It is called Heartbeat. First God used it to reassure me of the value of being a mother, hope you enjoy it also. Then He used Sheila Walsh to show me some other things He wanted to remove the veil from my heart and help me overcome. I can't really share quite yet what that consists of because He is still working on me, but I will be sure to share when I am ready and have more answers. I will give a hint, it is about letting go and letting God! Something I struggle with. So through the tears and the laughter, God renewed my spirit and gave me the desire to once again begin another time of cleansing. I strongly advise any woman that has a chance to attend one of these conferences, to take a weekend and DO IT! It is a great time to come together with other women believers and soak in the love of Jesus! I am including a picture of me with Lisa Welchel (formally Blair on the 80's show "Facts of Life". It is a terrible pregnancy picture of me but oh well, I decided to eat my pride! ;) Have a beautiful Christ-filled day and remember, God is never finished with us until we see Him face to face!


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