Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

Today is "Works for Me Wednesday". I have a very inexpensive way to remove wallpaper. Get a spray bottle and add about 1/4 cup water to about 2 Cups of fabric softner. Mix well. Spray on the wallpaper you would like to remove and let sit for a few minutes and simple begin pulling away old wallpaer. It's that simple! I used Downy, I am not sure about the generic brands. They are pretty watery to begin with so if you choose to try the off brands, I would not add water. It not only works on regular walls, but it also removed old wallpaper from tile with ease. It leaves the room smelling good too!:) I would make sure you have a drop cloth down if working around carpet. Unless you get fabric softner on the bare wall, there is no need to clean walls except for what you would normally do anyway since the fabric softner sticks to the old wallpaper and not to the wall. Have fun!

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