Thursday, July 30, 2009

You know when....

You know there is a new baby in the house...

...when suddenly you feel your hearing has gotten dramatically better and everything seems to have gone up 85 decibels.
... "ssssshhhhhh" is being said at least once every two minutes while the baby is awake and every 30 seconds while baby is napping
...your laundry has increased by 2-3 loads a day and that is burp clothes alone! wait an extra hour to go somewhere because feeding time is just around the corner!
...the hour you wait for to feed the baby, changes because the baby is so sound asleep that you would not dare wake baby up, so the hour you were waiting turns into 2 hours
...You sometimes have to just erase all your plans to go somewhere because you realize it is just easier to stay home
...You watch your local weather 3 times a day to make sure you have the baby dressed properly and that baby does not get to cold or hot
...You could GIVE your local forecast for the next 7 days
...You have taken up a second language that can discern every cry you hear in Wal-mart
...Your living room has more furniture for people under 25 pounds than it does for adults look in the mirror for the first time in days and you realize that the nights of missed zzzzz's are taking a toll but for the first time you really do not care!
...everyone in the entire house runs to see the first smile and it makes EVERYONE talk in high pitched voices just to see baby smile again
...when you realize that nothing in life really matters but the little miracle you are holding in your arms
...for the first time you realize that this is what life is all about!
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Aclair said...

Great picture mom!


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