Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not "my child" Monday

These are some things that I have endured that teach me humbleness and to laugh. Although sometimes not right away!:) Clink on the box above to see more "Not Me's"!

It was not my children who ALL got the stomach flu this past week! No, not all 10 kids were regurgitating everywhere! My oldest daughter DID NOT sit on the couch moaning that she did not feel good and I did not tell her she better go up to the porcelain throne in case she "might" throw up! It was not her that decided she would be okay and she WAS NOT sitting 12 inches away from me and NOT the porcelain throne when she decided to lose her dinner not all over her lap and not all over the couch and no way was the entire family in the same room and they would have never had to witness the whole thing! They did not immediately cover their noses and did not all gasp at the same time yelling ewwwwww it stinks! I did not have to clean it all up! That would have been way to gross and I would not have been gagging myself when I was not scrubbing and scrubbing the upholstery! Febreeze surely WOULD have worked! No, not with the stomach flu, I guess! Surely I cleaned it up while happily singing, "This is The Day The Lord Has Made." I was not angry while I was doing it, that would be a BAD mother!

It was not my 18 month old child who came to me with slobber running down his chin while he was chewing on something. I did not pull that something out of his mouth only to find a piece of old, been chewed many times, and with dog hair alllll over it, piece of gum! And he did not cry because he wanted it back in his mouth! My kids would know their chewed gum goes in the garbage, right?! Or DID they put it in the garbage and my 18 month old get it out of there! Things that make ya go HMMMM! I would certainly have my eye on that little guy and know every move he makes!

My 6 year old did not pull the fire alarm while we were eating at a restaurant! I did not pick a quiet place in the corner to escape the stares so I could nurse the baby in a half private area. The ENTIRE restaurant did not totally turn their heads in synchronized rhythm to the shrieking sound over in the "private" corner while I had JUST started to lift my shirt up to nurse. It was not one of those alarms that you have to turn off with a key and we did not have to wait for the manager to walk ALLLL the way from the front to the secluded corner in the back to turn it off! My brother did not stand up and yell across the restaurant, "Shows over, false alarm! Everyone is okay!" We did not leave a half hour later and the whole restaurant did not turn their heads to watch us leave!

Can you come up with anything your kids did that maybe embarrassed you? You are not alone!

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Mama Hen said...

Oh my goodness, you have had a week haven't you!


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