Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The oldest kids plan and cook

From the time my kids were able to help pour things in a bowl with ease, I have had them helping me in the kitchen. I always thought it was important to teach them to cook. I never made a meal once until I got married! By the grace of God, I have learned to cook and bake and enjoy it very much. But occasionaly it is a blessing to not have to worry about a meal. So...part of our home education is once a week, the oldest 3 must plan a meal. That includes a budget that I set, ingredients, perparation and the dreaded clean up! (Which is nothing new, because they have meal clean-up every night anyway!) Last night my oldest son and oldest daughter decided to chip in together and make a meal with dessert.

On the menu:

Grilled pork chops marinated in sesame terriyaki sauce
Hot dogs on the grill and brat burgers
Homemade french fries
Corn casserole

And for dessert...
Fruit Pizza (our family's favorite!)

Won't he make a good husband someday?!

A wife and mother in the making!

Grilled chops anyone?

The table is set!

I highly recommend doing this with your children! It is a great feeling of accomplishment for them and it encourages them independence once on their own. I also teach our younger children to thank them excitedly which just adds an added blessing to everyone!!
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Debbie said...

Awesome! My oldest loves to cook.(he has actually taught me some things and some new recipes..lol)

Robin said...

We do this,too. It is wonderful for the kids and me:) Those photos of your kids are great! Looks like they were having fun!

Jennifer said...

I love the fact that you have a record here of your children working together to make a meal. My favorite picture is the set table. Beautiful!


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